maker faire kendin yap vagonu

We Assembled #KendinYapVagonu (#DIYWagon) in Maker Faire with Koçtaş!

We realized the most enjoyable and dense event of our portfolio in terms of production, fixing and sharing, during the last week, in Istanbul Maker Faire.

maker faire koctas
DIY Wagon (Photo by Hasan Hüseyin Kesen)

We carried out clock, keyring holder, coinbox and robot workshops in a three-days-period atelier with a huge crowd consisting of different age groups, in our #KendinYapVagonu (#DIYWagon) with the support of Koçtaş. In Istanbul Maker Faire which hosted around 15.000 people, the huge interest shown in our #KendinYapVagonu made us glad and helped us envision the infrastructure of concepts we built, in near future.

We hug all the participants that created different outputs from the scrap materials we gave and shared, fixed, helped each other.

We owe Koçtaş that they believed and helped us to create the wagon which we and our participants can speak of proudly. Actually we owe everyone that is respectful to the built environment around us. We owe a huge love and load of work for our surrounding.

We hope to meet at more Maker Faires, events but in more colorful streets, wagons at a sweet moment.

All the photos we had during those three days are downloadable here.



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